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The earthquake in Japan hurt vehicle market
Date:2012-09-02 12:17:26  Click:1405
On March 11th, an earthquick happened in Japan, and the vehicle market was seriously hit. Twenty two factories from the three largest auto companies TOYOTA, HONDA and NISSAN were closed.

As of the earthquake, the export value of vehicle fell by 12.5% in April compared with the same period of last year. It was the largest drop in the past 18 months. The world wide auto accessories were also drop down at the same time. 

In June, the production capacity of Japanese cars gradully rose up, and the former prices increase tide of the terminal was going out. In order to seize back the lost market, Japanese car companies even spared no expense to give out the discount, announcing that they were coming back to the market again. We believe the auto accessories market will be also more bright soon...